The European Gender Inequality Indicators

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Problem Definition

There is a vast quantity of scattered open data available about gender inequality. Some of this data quantifies the existing disparity between men’s and women’s aggregated hourly earnings. However, such data does not show the root causes of the mentioned gap, which are deemed relevant for the European governments to tailor policy interventions in order to reduce the so called gender pay gap.


  • Rank the European countries based on their gender pay gap to determine the best and worst in class
  • Use open data sources to identify the main causes of the gender pay gap
  • Utilize open data sources to support policy interventions
  • Create interactive portal to visualize and analyze main contributors of the gender pay gap
Team Members
Name Student ID
Pamela Nunez Araya 4xxxxxx
Raditya Arief 4xxxxxx
Rina Elvira Hanafiah 4xxxxxx